Together we track billions of consumer actions and financial transactions, accelerating innovation for buyers and sellers of content

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The entertainment industry gets a clearer vision in 2020… stay tuned for what’s next from Whip Media Group

About Us

The Whip Media Group of companies is transforming the business of content throughout the global entertainment ecosystem. Our portfolio includes media and  trusted technology organizations that deliver immense client value through new data-driven solutions, empowering unprecedented real-time insights. Together, our companies track billions of consumer actions and financial transactions that accelerate innovation for buyers and sellers of content. Headquartered in Los Angeles with operations in key media markets worldwide, the company empowers the world’s leading  Media & Entertainment organizations.

Our Executive Team

Richard Rosenblatt
Chairman & CEO

Rob Gardos

Carol Hanley
Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer

Jason Weiss
Chief Operating Officer

Kent Jarvi
Chief Financial Officer

Mike Sid
Chief Strategy Officer

Jerry Inman
Chief Marketing Officer

Paul Giordano
Chief Client Officer

Our portfolio of companies drive unprecedented real-time insights
through AI analytics powering the largest entertainment organizations


2+ trillion TVOD, SVOD, AVOD transactions processed in the last 12 months
Real-time insights from billions of consumer actions from movies & television episodes

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